Creative workshops and performances for every event.

The workshops of Pesona Cultura are very suitable for temabuilding events, company trips, music lessons or other occasions with the theme Indonesia.
Please feel free to ask us and we will gladly make an arrangement fitted to your needs.
For more information or to make a reservation contact Leni Landweer. E-mail:  Telephone: +31 (0) 621241300.

Angklung Workshop

The 'Angklung' is a musical instrument made of bamboo. The instrument originates from West-Java, Indonesia. Every angklung can produce only one note. The note is being represented by a number, for example: C=1, D=2 , E=3, and so on. One person can play one, two, or more angklungs, although it must be said that playing more than two angklungs requires some exercise! When we play as a group, every player must remember his or her number in order to play the melodies. Playing the angklung isn't so difficult, you just shake the bamboo instrument gentle but firmly from right to left.

Batik workshop

Batik has been popular a long time in Java. The word 'batik' originates from two words: 'amba' means 'writing' and 'titik' means 'dot' or 'point'. So, batik is writing with dots. Traditionally we use a tjanting, a Javan washing pen and candle wax to batik.

We start off with drawing a pattern or an image on a piece of cloth with a pencil. Then we 'batik' over it with the tjanting filled with candle wax. Next step is painting or colouring the whole cloth in a big bath of paint. The paint only goes where there is no wax. With this simple technique it is possible to make beautiful and complex images.

Traditional Dance

Indonesia is known as the country of the 12000 islands. Because of this, there are  lot of different Indonesian cultures. We can see this in the enormous variety in clothing and dance. The clothing we use in our performances originate from North, West and South Sumatra, West Java and Betawi/Batavia, Sulawesi/Celebes etc.